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Help in day-to-day life

I am happy to support you with my lightwork, as you want to change your life and need help and clarity in various life circumstances.

Light energies already flow during medial life consultations when we talk either on the telephone or in person, which will bring about changes for you.

To effect a successful change in your situation, I am happy to also make remote energy transfers for the following areas available to you:

1. Human and animal health

My clairvoyance allows me to see how you can promote and maintain your health. Often, I can detect the cause of the bodily disharmony. However, my statements do not replace the examination of a physician or a health practitioner. I advise any person to carry out a medical or therapeutic health-check in advance. I, personally, do not provide any promises of healing or diagnoses.

I use exactly the same process when an animal needs help. I am especially good at finding runaway animals or lost items.

2. Selling and buying a house

In this instance, my capabilities allow me to give you detailed information on purchasers or sellers, price, house and a time span for the successful conclusion of the contract. A remote transfer of energies also offers the opportunity here to speed up the situation.

3. Cleansing of house and land

I can also cleanse houses and land through remote transfer of energies so that both are cleared of all disruptive energies.

4. Searching for an apartment or house

I only need your first name, the place and street of the property you want to rent or buy and I give you a clear statement in just a few minutes whether the property is best and right for you.

5. Separating from your partner

You have separated from your partner and need help to get over it? A release of the karmic chords via the chakras in appropriate in this situation. Old patterns of behaviour are transformed and new patterns of behaviour are manifested. At the same time, in this situation, a remote transfer of energy for harmony, stability and equilibrium is most beneficial. I am happy to call up information for a new partnership via my clairvoyance in just a few minutes, so that you can get clarity and confidence for your future and thus are able to rebalance.

6. Finding a partner

You are looking for a new partnership and need information about when this happy event may occur? Or you want a remote energy transfer for a successful realisation of the new life partnership to accelerate the situation. A luck ritual would also be suitable in this instance (refer to the luck rituals section).

7. Love

You have found the love of your life. What does the love of my life think and feel? Have I found my soul mate? By means of my mediality and telepathy, I can say exactly what will happen next in terms of love, family and finance or profession etc.

8. Beauty

Beauty is the focus here, whether physical, garden, house or other areas. My mediality allows me to see how you can achieve the best as an individual in each area.

9. Career advice/business consultation

Have you ever pondered for hours on end what is the right path for you professionally? I contact you medially and call up information for you in the channel of light. The clearer the question, the more precise the answer. Do you want to know what your business partners or colleagues think and feel? Or which prices are the right ones in your offer to get the orders? Which price level does the customer want so that he will conclude a contract with you? Call me, if you want to know the truth and get clarity in just a few minutes. My time tendencies have “high accuracy rates“.

10. Family

This is specifically about the most important people in our lives, such as family, partners, children and relatives. My mediality and telepathy allows me to see what will happen within your family. Irrespective of whether it applies to family offspring or inheritance, my capabilities give you clarity in just a few minutes.

11. Marriage/Partnership

You don’t know what to do and need urgent help to become happy again in your marriage/partnership. Or you need hints what your partner is thinking and feeling currently and want to know exactly what will happen in your marriage/partnership. You can get clarity through my mediality and regain balance in a few minutes.

12. Money

For many people it is important to find out whether they will have enough money in the future. You want to know what will happen with regards to inheritance matters, property, finances and estimates for valuables? Assisted by my mediality and telepathy, I am happy to give you hints that may be of benefit you.

13. Winnings

I am often asked whether the future of a person shows monetary gains. Here, I explicitly contact the goddess Fortuna. It takes a moment until a stable channel is built so that I can give you a clear answer whether a monetary windfall can be expected.

My mediality allows me to see and feel your chances of a win, whatever the area. You can also encourage the situation via a remote energy transfer. In this instance, a luck ritual is also of great help and can provide support. Please give yourself the time that is needed to have your wish granted.

14. Losing weight

My clairvoyance can help you recognise old thought and behaviour patterns, which still prevent you reaching your desired weight. A transformation takes place due to your insights and the direct activation of your self-healing powers initiated by me in the "physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual body". I help you lovingly and intuitively to manifest new thought and behaviour patterns. Based on my knowledge of Ayurveda, I can recommend, depending on Dosha, Vata, Kapha or Pitta, which foodstuffs are beneficial to you in order to achieve a balance and to maintain it.

15. Work

Through my mediality and telepathy I can help you to find the right profession, or to be successful in your job. I see and feel what will happen professionally for you. Please read my article about career advice and find out more about this.

16. Exams

My clairvoyance allows me to see whether you will pass a test. I am happy to accompany you on the day of the exam with a remote energy transfer for concentration and to help you do well. If you need support and strength, you can get a remote energy transfer even before the exam. Furthermore, a luck ritual is always very beneficial in this situation.

17. Releasing karmic entanglements

You find yourself in a dispute situation professionally or privately? Very often it is almost impossible to establish harmony for those involved. My clairvoyance allows me to see the links of the karmic entanglements and I can help you, via a remote energy transfer or directly, to transform the situation, so that you can regain balance.

18. Spiritual travel support

When you need protection and luck or information for a trip around the world, I shall be happy to support you with my clairvoyance and telepathy, with a luck ritual or with a remote energy transfer. For a meditative trip, I shall always be happy to support you with my spiritual capabilities so that you can best integrate all of your experiences.

19. And much more

It goes without saying that I can offer you further support and help with any individual enquiry.

How I can help you?

  • I need from you only your first name or possibly the first names of involved persons, names of animals or objects, or description of the relevant situation.
  • You can ask me any question. Nothing is alien to me. Our conversation remains our secret. Obviously, you can rely the on the greatest discretion.
  • I see your self-worth in your aura and can help you to consciously activate your love of self, to achieve a balance in your life.
  • My mediality and telepathy helps you to find out what other people think our feel or what will happen to you.
  • I see what is blocking you or others, why there are no messages, or when there will be calls, and what goes on between you.
  • With my clairvoyance I see your soul plan and, if permitted or necessary, the soul plan of the people connected to you.
  • My mediality and telepathy allows me to see your chances and what will happen to you.
  • Aided by my abilities, I can tell you step by step what you can do to improve your wellness, your energy and your charisma.
  • My mediality and telepathy allows me to see which affirmations are right for your subconscious in order to achieve success.
  • I recognise the soul conversations you hold with others.
  • I explain to you people’s behaviour, their opinion of you, and how they think, feel and what occupies them just now.
  • I give time information or time tendencies.
  • I recognise old thought and behaviour patterns and dissolve them, manifesting new ones for you afterwards.
  • A loving, honest and trustworthy “medial consultation“ is important to me. If you want to find out the truth, then give me a call.